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Culture/Leadership/Safety/Health/Industrial Hygiene/Audits/Expert Witness


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We provide a multitude of services related to Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Leadership/Cultural  Development


Projects include a $70MM environmental remediation that involves civil engineering, soil stabilization, drilling, high-pressure grouting; leadership development for management new to multiple layer responsibilities related to EHS; training development & implementation for contractors and host employees, etc.



Our clients include:

  • High-Volume Chemical Manufacturing

  • Cement Mining & Manufacturing

  • Surface Mining Facilities

  • Hospitals

  • Heavy Construction Contractor



“Optimum” is defined in mathematics as a solution that is either maximal or minimal. Also, mathematical optimization problems are often multi-modal – meaning they possess multiple good solutions.

In general conversation, an “optimum” is defined as the most favorable point, degree, or amount of something for obtaining a given result. Or, in more informal terms: “The best that we can be”.

Both of these uses of the term apply in relation to Leadership and Environmental, Health, Safety and Security (EHSS) culture as many of our desired outcomes align with these definitions.

We strive to reach the most favorable, maximum point in a culture – one that has all the participants aligned to common goals; where communication and awareness are clear – “The best that we can be”. We also strive to reach a minimal – a low level of incidents, misunderstandings or dissatisfaction. And, depending on the organization and its stakeholders, there are always multiple good solutions.

These are the reasons why we have selected this term as a name for our organization.  Optimum Safety Resources (Optimum Resources Group LLC) is an entity committed to help others be “The best that we can be.” together.


15531 Century Drive

Hudson, FL 34667

Tel: 813-967-2392

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